Anchor Text for SEO

Google’s algorithm considers brand names in anchor text. What does this mean?

Anchor text — the text that people see when you post a hyperlink — should include brand names as well as search term keywords and words not associated with either brands or search term keywords.

<a href="">Anchor Text</a>

There are plenty of options for anchor text, and you need to include a lot, if not all, of them to make Google’s algorithm happy.

Here are some examples of ways you can incorporate branding into anchor text.

  • Just the brand name – example: AlpineWeb Design
  • Including the brand name with keywords and non-keywords – example: AlpineWeb Design builds awesome websites
  • Including the brand name among non-keywords – example: When Looking for a great hosting solution check out AlpineWeb Design!
  • Making the anchor text a keyword term – example: AlpineWeb Design Hosting is fast and secure!
  • Keywords without the brand – example: We build the best websites in New Hampshire!
  • Non-keywords and non-brand anchors – example: This company has super friendly support techs

So how intensely should you brand your anchor text? For every 10 anchors, 3 should include branding is recommended.