WooCommerce Hosting

The E-Commerce platform for WordPress.

WooCommerce is the fastest growing eCommerce platform for store owners today. It sits on top of WordPress which is well known and free. People choose WooCommerce because it’s an easy to use platform with flexibility that provides few limits.

The New Alternative

A free open source E-Commerce plugin for WordPress, WooCommerce is designed to make it easier to run a business and optimize an online store. It can aid businesses with automatic updates, security patches, analytics, security, and more. It’s incredibly easy to use, easy to customize with plugins (since it’s built on top of WordPress), and good for small businesses. For most business owners, it’s difficult to keep up with updates needed with themes and plugins unless you use a managed service like WooCommerce.

Powerful Managed Hosting

AlpineWeb can help you create the E-Commerce website that meets the needs of you and your customers. Give us a call today and learn more:


WooCommerce Advantages

  • Powered by trust:

    WooCommerce is built on WordPress, the software that runs 26% of the web.

  • Content at the core:

    Working on top of the world’s most popular content management system, WooCommerce seamlessly integrates commerce with content. Everything you need is in one place.

  • A modular system

    WooCommerce is kept lean so you can add just the options you want. It’s also made to work alongside your favorite WordPress plugins, so you can keep the features you already love.

  • Sell anything

    From physical products and digital downloads to subscriptions, content and even appointments, you can sell anything with WooCommerce.

  • No Limits

    WooCommerce is entirely open source, which means you can modify and customize anything and everything. Because you have complete control, you can add unlimited products and users, and take unlimited orders.

  • Worldwide Community

    WooCommerce stores and developers come from all over the world – from Norway to South Africa, from Canada to Japan.

Alpine Hosting for WooCommerce

Better hosting is just a few clicks away. Choose a plan that fits exactly what you need today, and automatically upgrade at any time to host more sites.

Alpine Hosting Plans

Starting at $16.00 per month

Hosted WordPress Features

  • WordPress installed and ready for development.
  • Automatic and on-demand backups for peace of mind.
  • Staging Site Included.
  • Automatic WordPress updates, ensuring your site is always up to date.
  • Active security monitoring for malware or attempts to hack your site.
  • Repairs should your site ever be hacked.
  • Web servers optimized for hosting WordPress sites – fast and secure!
  • Technical support from humans who know WordPress inside and out and not just reading from pre-written responses.
No Pageview/Traffic Limits

Tired of getting charged for pageview counts or overage fees? We never charge for pageview counts or overage fees.

No Annoying Phone Calls

Many hosts have a regular plan for upsells. If you’re running a business, it’s the last thing you want. It’s also one of the last things we’ll do.

Automatic Daily Backups

We take daily backups and store them offsite for 10 days. Want to restore or download them? It’s just a click of a button!

Staging Site

It’s important to test your site prior to going to live. You get a staging site to be able to do any testing prior to making any changes live.

Secure Infrastructure

One of the benefits of hosting your WordPress site with AlpineWeb is that our servers are built and managed with security in mind. We manage and protect our customers.

Amazing Speed

Our platform is built on the latest technology including PHP7, SSL and CloudFlare to improve WordPress speed.

Fully Managed WordPress

We take care of updating WordPress for you so you don’t need to. Stop dreading those releases. We’ve got your back.

More than WordPress

We don’t just do WordPress. Have a project that needs another database or a special application? We’ll work with you to build something unique.

Free CDN Included

We include a free CloudFlare account with every domain. No need for third party caching plugins that slow down or corrupt your site.


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