Premium Email - Configure Computers and Phones

For help setting up a computer (such as Outlook, Thunderbird or Mac Mail) or mobile device choose from the following list of software and device specific instructions. You will need your email address and password to log in.

If you have any questions, or the device you need is not listed, please Contact Us or submit a Help Ticket for assistance.











General Email Configuration Settings

User Settings:

Email Address: [email protected]
Username: [email protected]

If the device you're trying to setup is requesting an incoming or IMAP server, you should use the settings below. We strongly recommend using IMAP (SSL) whenever possible.

Inbound Servers:

Type Server Address Port
POP Server (SSL) 995
IMAP Server (SSL) 993

If the device you're trying to setup is requesting an outgoing or SMTP server, you should use the settings below. We strongly recommend using SMTP (SSL) whenever possible. 

NoteNote: Our SMTP servers require authentication. Which means you need to enter username and password to send through our network. We do not allow unauthenticated open relays to send through our servers. If your device does not support SMTP Authentication, you will not be able to use our settings. Please consult with the device manufacturer on whether your device supports SMTP authentication.

Outgoing Servers:

Type Server Address Port
SMTP Server (SSL) 465
SMTP Server (Non-SSL) 25, 587, 8025, 2525


NoteNote: The default SMTP port (25) is blocked by many ISPs as a measure to prevent spam. If you find that you cannot send mail, try changing the SMTP port to any of the ports listed above.

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