Android: Samsung Galaxy S8 Native (IMAP) Print

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    1. Launch the Settings app on your device.
    2. Once it launches, tap on Cloud and Accounts.

    3. On the next screen, tap Accounts.

    4. Tap Add Account
    5. Select Email as the Account Type

    6. Email address:
      Password: Your mailbox password

    7. Tap Sign In
    8. Tap IMAP account

    9. Enter the following server details:

      Email address:
      Password: Your mailbox password

      IMAP Server:
      Security Type: SSL
      Port: 993

      SMTP Server:
      Security Type: SSL
      Port: 465
      Authentication required before sending emails: On
      Password: Your mailbox password

    10. Tap Next
      • Authentication failed? - This means that your username or password are incorrect
      • Make sure your user name is typed as shown above and that you did not make a typo (it happens!)
      • Try accessing webmail via a web browser
      • If your browser has a saved password, remove it and manually enter it, to make sure you're using the same password you tried on your mobile device
      • If you cannot access webmail, you will need to reach out to your email admin for a possible password reset.
      • If you can access webmail, triple check you're typing the same password you used for webmail
      • If issues persist, contact your email admin
    11. Modify the settings as desired

    12. Tap Next
    13. Account Name: Used to distinguish the account in your device
      Your name: Name shown on outgoing emails

      1. You are all set! Go back to the main menu, open the Email app and your messages should start syncing. Please give it a few minutes to download data before troubleshooting.

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