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Premium Email has the ability to add links to files stored in your Dropbox account in an email. Just click a button in the Compose window to launch an external window to the Dropbox file selector. If you have not authenticated to Dropbox, you will be asked to supply your Dropbox credentials. Then you will see your Dropbox files in the file selector dialogue. You can select files to attach to the email and click Choose. Links will appear in the Compose window and then you can send your email with links to your Dropbox files.



  • If you have a session established with Dropbox.com, you do not have to log in or authorize Premium Email to access your Dropbox in any way. If you do not have a session established with Dropbox, you must re-authenticate and provide your credentials when prompted.

  • Premium Email does not store Dropbox credentials. When you log in to Dropbox, you are sending your credentials directly to Dropbox via a secure connection.

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