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This article will assist you with setting up your Windows Mobile or Tablet device, using IMAP, for your Hosted Mailbox.

  1. Tap the Windows button and locate the "Settings" option from the Application Menu.

  2. Tap "email+accounts".

  3. Tap "add an account".

  4. Tap "other account (POP and IMAP)".

  5. Enter the following details:

    Email Address:
    Password: Your mailbox password

  6. Tap sign in
  7. The phone likely will be unable to determine your settings. Tap advanced

  8. Enter the following details:

    Incoming email server:
    Account type:: IMAP4
    Password:: Your mailbox password

    Outgoing (SMTP) email server::
    Outgoing server requires authentication:: Checked
    Use the same user name and password for sending email:: Checked

  9. Tap sign in
  10. Now you're done! Your mailbox should begin syncing within a few minutes.

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