ImageMagick Vulnerability

ImageMagick, a popular PHP module, recently announced a severe security vulnerability in their product which may allow a malicious 3rd party to execute commands on a remote server.

We’re posting this announcement today to assure you that AlpineWeb is both aware of and is actively tracking this vulnerability. ImageMagick has not yet released a patch, however we have pushed an update out to all of our servers that will partially mitigate the attack without any intervention on your part.

We will be implementing the official patch on all Fully Managed servers automatically once ImageMagick makes it available. No action is necessary at this time for Fully Managed customers using WHM. We will contact you with further instructions if your account has servers which we cannot patch and which we know to be vulnerable.

As always, please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any additional questions:

Voice: 603-356-8797
Email: – (For existing Customers and Authorized Contacts)
WWW: Contact Us

Future announcements will be posted to our Customer Backroom Announcements page.