Alpine Hosting Plan Refresh

Alpine Hosting Plan Refresh

In keeping with our commitment to the needs of our Web Hosting Customers AlpineWeb has moved to increase the available Disk Space of our Alpine Hosting plans.

A high percentage of our Customers are using WordPress to run thier websites. Most of these WordPress installations were installed and are managed with the Installatron Application installer. Not only does Installatron allow Customers to install a wide array of popular software applications, it also provides options for keeping software applications up to date with the latest versions.

In the case of WordPress, Installatron not only updates the core software when new versions become available it also upgrades WordPress Plugins. An important aspect of upgrading software is to run a backup before running an upgrade in order to facilitate a restoration if something goes wrong.

In the case of Alpine Hosting Basic and Business Plans some accounts were experiencing upgrade failures due to insufficient disk space for a full software application backup prior to software application upgrades.

Therefore we increased Alpine Hosting Plan disk quotas as follows:

Alpine Hosting Plan Old Disk Quota New Disk Quota
Basic 2GB 4GB
Business 5GB 8GB
Pro 10GB 16GB
Pro Plus 25GB 32GB

If you have any questions regarding these upgrades please let us know.

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