Please Note our new Mailing Address

Please make note of our new Mailing Address: AlpineWeb Design PO Box 506 Bartlett, NH 03812

What is a responsive website?

What is responsive website design and do you need it?  Responsive Web design involves designing and developing websites to provide an optimal viewing experience, easy reading and navigation with a minimum of resizing, expanding, and scrolling—across a wide range of devices – from mobile phones, tablets to desktop computer monitors and widescreens. Responsive Design is […]

The DROWN Attack

What is the DROWN Attack? DROWN stands for “Decrypting RSA with Obsolete and Weakened eNcryption.” DROWN is a serious security flaw that makes network services that utilize SSLv2 to attack TLS transactions vulnerable. AlpineWeb servers are not vulnerable to this flaw as SSLv2 was not enabled. You can learn more about DROWN here: […]