Support Policies

As a customer or potential customer, please review and become familiar with these support policies and procedures. Should you have any specific questions regarding these policies, please contact our Service Staff.

  1. Our Support Staff is largely responsible for supporting Customers by isolating specific problems that may be encountered while using our Servers. Realistically, our Support Staff cannot and will not focus large amounts of time fulfilling programming-specific script requests (this includes debugging). Our Support Staff will troubleshoot specific programming problems which may be encountered insofar as they are related to installation and configuration in the Server environment.
  2. Our Support Staff can offer recommendations and direct the Customer to the necessary resources that will allow them to create what is necessary for their express purposes. Keep in mind that we offer technological expertise with our Shared Hosting plans, Virtual Private Servers and Managed Private Servers.
  3. We will not offer technical support for third party vendor products. If you have a problem related to such third-party applications which is not specific to installing or running the program on one of our Servers, please refer your questions to the vendor of the program.
  4. Customers are the first line of support for their customers. Our Support Staff is always available to our Customers, but we cannot work directly with the customers of our Customers.

Note: In regard to Service and Support Requests we can only respond and act to Registered Customers or their Authorized Contacts. If you would like to submit a support or service request on behalf of a Customer please contact the Customer account owner to obtain authorization.

For information about adding additional Account Contacts please review the following Knowledgebase Article: