Billing Policies

As a customer or potential customer, please review and become familiar with these billing policies and procedures. Should you have any specific questions regarding these policies, please contact our Service Staff.

  1. The initial setup fee and first month’s service fee are required as prepayment for all new Hosting Plans and service orders from new customers. The setup fee is non-refundable.
  2. Payment for services can be made with PayPal, Credit Cards, International Money Orders, Money Orders, and business or personal checks sent directly to our Office. All payments should be posted in United States dollars.
  3. If the customer orders a Hosting Plan after the first day of the month we will prorate the first month’s service fee. Only the first month’s service fees are prorated. All monthly services fees thereafter are billed for the entire month and are not prorated upon cancellation.
  4. Requests for Cancellation of a Product or Service must be made prior to the end of the month in which you wish to cancel. Customer will be responsible for any and all charges for an account as long as the account is active and for which we have not received a Notice of Cancellation. Cancellation requests must be made via the Customer Backroom for the specific service being cancelled.
  5. If we register a domain name in the customer’s behalf, please be aware that there will be a charge for the domain name registration. The current registration and renewal fees are published at:  which covers initial registration and updates to the domain name’s database record for the period of registration. Renewal fees are charged at the published rates thereafter.
  6.  All communications in regard to services and invoicing will be delivered via email unless otherwise arranged.
  7. All accounts are billed according to the calendar month. Terms are set at Net 30 or net amount due within 30 days of billing. Customers will receive an invoice on the 1st of every month via e-mail (no paper copy of the invoice will be sent).
  8. Reconciliation will still be allowed for up to 60 days after the original date of the invoice in question. In other words, you do not forfeit the right to question an invoice once it has been paid. If payment is received on time, and afterwards (within the 60 day time frame) you discover an error on the part of AlpineWeb and notify us of this error, it can then be corrected. Please remember that if you are responsible for the error, you must contact our service department immediately (within 5 days of the error) to receive a credit for the error.
  9. If you choose to use the automated payment feature your credit card/debit card  will be processed 5 days prior to the invoice due date. This allows for resolution of any credit card issues ie. expired card or new card issued.
  10. Balances not paid by the  due date will be considered past due. Accounts that are 5 or more days past due are subject service suspension. Please note that customers are notified (based on provided contact information) via email prior to this action. Each time an account is disabled by a member of our Service Staff, a $30.00 enable fee will be applied to that account when it is reactivated. Delinquent accounts may be forwarded to an outside collections agency at any time. Any questions relating to billing or past due issues may be directed to our Billing Department.
  11. Requests for modifications to an account or anything that requires a charge or invoice, must be made by an authorized Account Contact. Examples of such request include, but are not limited to: adding additional disk space to a Hosting Plan, adding additional domain names to an existing Virtual Private Server, or requests for termination or disablement of a Hosting Plan, Domain Name and Customer account.
  12. All clients are responsible for backing up their own files separately. We provide multiple levels of backup, including a daily local backup that is also uploaded to the Cloud. Should the customer need to restore a file found on the primary and secondary backups, there will be no charge. Additional backup methods are available to the customer.
  13. There is a $50.00 file retrieval fee to restore a terminated Shared Hosting or Virtual Private Server account from backup. The data may or may not exist. We generally assume that before an account is terminated, the customer has offloaded the files to another system. We cannot guarantee that data files for terminated accounts will be retrievable. The $50.00 file retrieval fee will be charged in addition to the normal new account setup fee.
  14. A $50.00 service fee will be charged for all returned checks.