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The vast majority of customers who are blocked by the BFD system or Firewall are due to FTP clients that contain a saved password. If someone in your company, group, organization, or household changes the password to that FTP account and doesn’t notify you to update your saved password it is quite easy to end up blocked by the server. Most FTP clients automatically reconnect several times if the initial attempt fails, and once your FTP client with the bad password attempts to login several times and fails the server’s BFD system will kick in and block your IP address.

Customers in an office environment that utilize a private network connected to the internet may find their entire office blocked by their server. This happens (usually in a small/home office situation) when multiple computers are sharing a single internet connection, meaning they also share the same public facing IP address. Once a single computer on that local network gets blocked by the server all of the other local computers will find themselves blocked as well.

While this can cause some initial panic there is no need for concern. Even if you are temporarily blocked by your own server that does not mean it is down. It may be ignoring your requests for a short while but it is still working away, handling the tasks from other visitors to your web site(s).

My IP is Blocked by the servers BFD system or Firewall, what do I do?

If your IP address is blocked by the server's BFD system or Firewall - you can unblock this yourself.

Log in to the AlpineWeb Customer Backroom:

After logging in navigate to:

Support > Unblock IP Address

This should automatically detect your IP address and unblock you.

If you are at a different location than the IP address that is blocked there is a box that you can use to add a different IP address to unblock.

If this does not work - submit a support ticket with the IP address that is blocked.

Not sure how to find out what your IP address is?

  • Step 1: Go to the AlpineWeb What is my IP Address? page, which will return your current IP Address.


    Go to Google and search on "What is my IP" which will return your current IP Address.

  • Step 2:
    How to unblock your IP address step 1

  • Step 3:
    How to unblock your IP address step 2

Submit a Support Request

If you should need additional assistance submit a Support Request (No worries, we fix issues like this all the time!):

Or visit the Contact Us page for additional contact options:

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