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Fetch If you are using a Macintosh, Fetch is probably the most popular FTP Client available and is quite easy to use.

Download Fetch here:


These instructions are specific for using Fetch to connect to Alpine Hosting with FTPS:

  1. Establish a connection by selecting the New Connection button under the File menu.

  2. Use the following parameters to create a connection via FTPS:

    Host: ftp.your-domain-name.com
    Username: Your cPanel login name or FTP user
    Connect Using: FTP with TLS/SSL (FTPS)
    Password: As specified in your Alpine Hosting Welcome Message
    Initial Folder Fetch: Disclosure Button - optional: If you enter a folder name or a path to a folder on the server, Fetch will automatically go to that folder when you open the connection. If left blank, Fetch will take you to your home folder on the server.

  3. To upload content to your hosting account you can either drag files and folders from your desktop to the Fetch window or select the Put File... button and select files and folders.

  4. Be sure that all HTML documents and cgi script are transferred in ASCII mode. Graphics should be transferred in Binary format. Fetch also has a setting, Automatic, that you can select. Fetch will then automatically determine which mode to transfer the file - we recommend you use the "Automatic" mode.

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