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Filezilla is the free FTP solution. Filezilla is open source software distributed free of charge.

You can download Filezilla here:

These instructions are primarily intended for Alpine Hosting.

  1. Start FileZilla.

  2. Click on File and select Site Manager.... This will bring up the Site Manager dialog box.

  3. Click on New Site to add your account to FileZilla's site manager.

  4. Use the following parameters to connect to your Alpine Hosting Account via FTP:

    Hostname: or your IP Address if have a dedicated IP Address
    Port: 21
    Protocol: FTPS
    Login Type: Normal or Ask for Password
    Encryption: Require Explicit FTP over TLS
    Username: cPanel username or FTP user
    Password: As specified in your Alpine Hosting Welcome Message

    Note: Be sure to use FTPS - Require FTP over explicit TLS/SSL.

  5. After filling in the above fields, click on OK or Connect if you want to connect to your FTP account right away.

    When connecting to your FTP account using FTPS you may be presented with a screen that asks you to confirm the security certificate being used for the connection. The Common Name of the certificate should match the Alpine Hosting Server that your account resides on. The common name should ONLY be one of the following:

    Near the bottom of the warning dialog you will see an option to always accept this certificate.

    It is safe to accept any of these certificates.

  6. After you log in, you will be placed in your home directory: /home/username

  7. Your FTP client should allow you to select the file transfer mode, either ASCII or BINARY. Use ASCII mode to transfer text files and BINARY mode to transfer binary files. Most FTP clients have an Automatic transfer mode option that can be set. When this option is selected the FTP client will automatically determine which file transfer mode to use when you upload or download files.

    NOTE: Be sure you transfer all your HTML files, as well as any text files, such as CGI script source code, in ASCII format! All image files (.gif, .jpg, etc.) must be transferred in BINARY format.

Concerning Logon Type

We  recommend that you use a Logon Type of Ask for password. This does not store your account's password in the Site Manager. Instead you will have to type in your password every time you connect. The reason for this, is that there have been some viruses and trojans in the past that users have gotten on their computers. These trojans/viruses scan your computer for valid username and passwords and many times it will look in the data storage areas for popular FTP Site Managers. Storing your password here means that you would be vulnerable to attack from this method. If hackers or malicious users gain access to your account's username and password, then your account can be compromised.

Now you can continue to use FTP as you normally would. You can just feel a little bit safer knowing that your login information is not easily viewable by hackers or other malicious users that may be listening to your connection.

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