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AutoSSL is now included with all Alpine Hosting Plans.

What is AutoSSL?

AutoSSL is a cPanel feature that automatically installs and upgrades SSL Certificates for cPanel Accounts. AutoSSL Certificates are provided by Sectigo and have a valid perioid of 90 days. AutoSSL Certificates are automatically renewd several days prior to expiration. In addition to an AutoSSL certificate for the accounts primary domain, AutoSSL also installs SSL certificates on all Subdomains and Addon Domains.

Note: If your account does not have a dedicated IP address visitors to your website using web browsers that were released before 2013 may not support SNI. Because of this, users may see false security warnings when they visit your SSL-secured websites. Although a dedicated IP address it is not technically required to protect your domain with SSL we recommend one as it increases SEO standing, reputation and email deliverability.

Premium SSL Certificates

While AutoSSL is appropriate for informational websites, blogs and forums, we recommend Premium SSL Certificates for E-Commerce sites and websites handling sensitive information.

Additional Information

Learn more about Premium SSL Certificates:

Premium SSL Certificates

If you'd like to talk with one of our security specialists visit our contact page or submit a Help Ticket if you're already a customer:

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