Messages Stuck in Outlook Outbox - will not send

When attempting to send mail from Outlook, the messages will not send and remain in the Outbox. Try the following to correct the issue:

  1. Move all messages from the Outbox to the Drafts folder or delete the messages that are not needed.

  2. Once the Outbox is cleared, shut down Outlook for a full minute.

  3. Restart Outlook and click on Send/Receive to verify there are no other error messages.

  4. Go to the Draft folder and attemt to send the messages again one at a time. Do not try to resend all messages at once. Send one at a time and wait till the sending process has completed before sending the next message.

  5. If there is an individual message that will not send, but other messages do successfully send, it may indicate a corrupted message. Delete the problem message and recompose before attempting to resend.

  6. If no messages will send, it may indicate a problem with the email client software. This may require the software to be re-installed. You may want to consult with a computer technician.

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