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The Barracuda Spam Firewall is a popular spam filtering solution. Barracuda uses several algorithms and processes to determine whether emails are spam. Occasionally, it does mark a legitimate message as spam.

Unfortunately they do not provide a tool for you to request removal. You will need to ask whomever you are trying to email you to Whitelist your email.

This is the information that they provide:

There are two methods to Whitelist email senders so that the firewall will not quarantine future email.

Whitelist Quarantined Senders

  1. Open your email client. Barracuda should send you a summary each day listing quarantined items. Choose the most recent Barracuda email message.

  2. Locate the email from and the sender email address that you do not want quarantined in the future. Click on the word Whitelist, which is in green print to the right of the email title. This will open your list in a web browser.

  3. Click the box to the left of the email that you would like to whitelist. At the top of the page, click Whitelist. Barracuda will not block or quarantine the sender whose email address appears on the whitelist.

Whitelist Senders and Domains

  1. Open your web browser. Navigate to your company's Barracuda firewall homepage.
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  2. Click on the Block/Accept tab.

  3. Choose "Sender Domain Block/Accept." Enter the domain name from to whitelist. For example, you can enter to allow all AOL addresses. You may enter a comment to remind you why you allowed this domain. Click Add.

  4. Click your mouse on the Email Sender Block/Accept tab. Enter the email address of an individual sender that you want to whitelist, such as Include a comment. Click Add.

    In the future, Barracuda will not block emails from this sender.

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