Premium Email Getting Started Guide

This Premium Email Getting Started Guide contains information you will need to begin using your account.

Premium Email Help and Documentation

Premium Email Knowledgebase articles include configuring your computers, phones and tablets for Premium Email: 

Premium Email Knowledgebase

Premium Email Management

Management of Premium Email is available by logging into the Customer Backroom:

After logging in navigate to:

Service > My Services > Premium Email > Manage

Management functions include the following:

  • Mailboxes: Create, Terminate, Enable, Disable, Update Contact Information
  • Spam: Status, Delivery options, Preferences
  • Aliases: Add and Remove
  • Mobile Sync: Manage users
  • Storage Notification: Activation, percentage, message management.
  • Webmail: Login


To access Webmail for Premium Email point your web browser to:


For Technical Support or additional assistance submit a help Desk Ticket or Contact Us directly.

Submitting a detailed support or service request is the best way to get a prompt and concise response from our Service and Support team. The following are guidelines and best practices for submitting a Service or Support request that will help AlpineWeb help you.

Submitting Support and Service Requests


Submit a Support Ticket:


Contact Us:

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