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Keeping your web hosting account within it's disk space allowance or quota is one of several important maintenance tasks a web site owner is responsible for. Fortunately cPanel provides several features and utilities to help you keep track of and manage your disk useage.

By default new cPanel accounts are configured to send Disk Quota and Email Account Quota Warning Notifications to the account owner when an individual email user or the total cPanel account reaches 80% of its quota.

Contact Information - Notification Options can be managed in cPanel under User Preferences > Contact Information including the ability to add an additional email address for Quota Warning messages.

Statistics Pane - Displays the total Disk Usage of a cPanel User account. In addition to total disk space there are also statistics for Mailing Lists Disk Usage and MySQL Disk Usage.

Note: Individual email accounts who reach thier disk quota will not be able to receive additional messages until the disk usage is reduced or the quota increased. cPanel accounts that reach thier Disk Quota may not be able to receive any email to any of the accounts email accounts.

Files Pane

Disk Usage - Displays Disk Usage by directory. It does not show individual files sizes.

File Manager - The File Manager provides for management of files including upload, download, copy, move, delete and file permissions.

The File Manager includes a Trash Folder that holds deleted files pending permenant deletion. Files are automatically purged when they reach 30 days in age. The Trash folder can be emptied manually at any time.

Email Pane

Email Accounts - Provides management for individual email accounts including basic statistics.

Email Disk Usage - This feature displays email usage for each individual email accounts inbox and its folders. The Manage feature for each accounts inbox and folder allows for the manual and automatic deletion of messages based upon the following parameters:
1 year old or more 30 MB in size or more Previousely viewed All messages Custom query

Dovecot's search query format can be found here:

Trash Folder - Messages are automatically expunged when they exceed 30 days in age.

Note: Some email clients will by default save Sent Items to a folder on the server rather than on a users local folders. Users can add a rule in the Email Disk Usage tool to manage disk usage automatically by deleting old messages.

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