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FTPS - FTP over SSL provides both encryption and authentication support as compared to SFTP that offers only encryption support.

When using FTPS for data transfer, you can choose to encrypt your credentials, and also the data being transmitted to the server. In addition, you can choose to authenticate the server's credentials and connections. The credentials of a server are validated against the current set of trusted SSL certificates in the Dreamweaver database.

Note: This procedure describes options specific to FTPS.

  1. In DreamWeaver, select Site > Manage Sites

  2. Click New to set up a new site, or select an existing Dreamweaver site and click Edit.</br />
  3. In the Site Setup dialog box, select the Servers category and do one of the following:
    • Click the “+” - Add New Server button to add a new server.

    • Select an existing server and click the Edit Existing Server button.

  4. In Server Name, specify a name for the new server.

  5. In Connect Using, select one of the following:

    FTP over SSL/TLS - Explicit Encryption

    If the client does not request security, the server can choose to proceed with an insecure transaction, or refuse/limit the connection.

  6. In Authentication, choose None

    The server’s credentials, signed or self-signed, are displayed. If you accept the server’s credentials, the certificate is added to a certificate store, trustedSites.db, in Dreamweaver. When you connect to the same server the next time, Dreamweaver directly connects to the server.

    Note: If the credentials of a self-signed certificate have changed on the server, you will be prompted to accept the new credentials:


    The presented certificate is validated with the current set of trusted CA server certificates in the Dreamweaver database. The list of trusted servers is stored in the cacerts.pem file.

    Note: An error message is displayed if you select Trusted Server, and connect to a server with a self-signed certificate.

  7. Click Save to close the Basic screen. Then in the Servers category, specify whether the server you added or edited is a remote server, a testing server, or both.

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