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Subdomains are large subsections of websites and have URLs that look like:

If you own the domain, you can have as many subdomains as you want. You can even create a whole new website on a subdomain without buying a new domain name. Creating subdomains is useful if you want to have an online store, blog, or forum.

  1. Log into your cPanel account:

  2. Scroll down to Domains and click on Subdomains.

    subdomains link highlighted on cpanel home page

  3. Decide what you want your subdomain to be and type it into the Subdomain field. For example, the subdomain "blog" will create
    gif showing giving subdomain a name
  4. When you hit Tab or click to the next field, the Document Root will automatically populate. The document root is the folder where all the public HTML files will go.

    document root entered

  5. Click Create. You've created your subdomain!

Tip: Subdomains are just like regular domains: DNS must be set up before anyone can view your subdomain. Every subdomain needs its own A record. Learn about DNS records and how to create them in these Knowledgebase articles:

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