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Follow these steps to access Installatron:

  1. First login to cPanel:

    You can also access cPanel from the AlpineWeb Customer Backroom

    After logging in, navigate to:

    Services > My Services > cPanel account > Manage

  2. Once logged in to cPanel navigate to:

    Software > Installatron Applications Installer

To initiate an uninstall; open the "My Applications" tab and click the Uninstall tool.

The uninstall wizard will confirm the files, directories, and database tables to be deleted and then perform the deletion.

Warning: An uninstall cannot be undone unless you have a reliable backup.


Installatron has all the information it needs to perform the deletion. Press the Uninstall button to delete the installed application.

You will be redirected to the "My Applications" tab while the uninstall executes in the background. Feel free to navigate away from Installatron while the uninstall completes.

Upon completion, the entry for the installed application will be removed from the "My Applications" tab.


How to Import an Install From This Account

To import an existing installed application; open the "Applications Browser" tab, click on the name of application you intend to import, click the button next to the "install this application" button, and then select the From this account option

The import wizard will prompt you for the location of the existing installed application and then perform the import.


The "Location" section prompts you for the location of the existing installed application as the combination of a domain and a directory. This should direct Installatron to the top level directory of the application that you intend to import.

Select a domain. The drop-down list contains all domains and sub-domains known to be associated with your web hosting control panel login and can be filtered to help narrow selection.

Directory (Optional)
Enter an optional directory. The directory will be added to the selected domain to determine location of the application.

Leave this field empty if the application exists in the "root" (or home directory, or top-level directory) of the domain.


Installatron has all the information it needs to perform the import. Press the "Import" button to import the existing installed application into the Installatron system.

Imports are completed instantly, with an entry for the application appearing on the "My Applications" tab.

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