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Follow these steps to access Installatron:

  1. First login to cPanel:

    You can also access cPanel from the AlpineWeb Customer Backroom

    After logging in, navigate to:

    Services > My Services > cPanel account > Manage

  2. Once logged in to cPanel navigate to:

    Software > Installatron Applications Installer

To initiate an upgrade; open the "Applications Browser" tab, find the installed application you wish to upgrade, then click the Upgrade to Version button.

The upgrade wizard will collect information for the upgrade, such as the version you wish to upgrade to, and then perform the upgrade. Each step of the upgrade wizard is detailed below.

Tip: It is highly recommended that you keep all your installed applications up to date. Out of date software represents a high security risk for your website and to the server that is hosting the website, making them targets for "hacking" and "exploiting" (both can destroy the content of your website).

Tip: Depending on the application and the magnitude of the upgrade, upgrading may not return the software to the exactly the same state it was in before the upgrade. Plugins might be disabled, templates reset, or settings changed. After an upgrade you should always give your website a thorough examination and see if anything needs to be re-established.


Destination Version
Select the version that you wish to upgrade to. You should choose the highest version that you are able to select.

You will not be able to select a version that is incompatible with the server that your website is hosted on. The incompatibility will be explained if you attempt to select an incompatible version.

You will not be able to select a version, or any version after it, that cannot be auto-upgraded. Software developers sometimes make changes that are too big for automated upgrading. In these cases a manual upgrade path might be available, or more commonly a "migration" path where you create a fresh install of the latest version and then run some manner of export/import process to move the existing content to the new install. See the application's own documentation for information on performing manual upgrades.

After performing a manual upgrade you should let Installatron know about the change by using the "view/edit details" tool on your "My Applications" tab.

Current Version
Displays the version that is currently installed.

This value is always in sync with the installed application.


The "Backup" section provides an opportunity to create a backup before going ahead with the upgrade.

If you don't already have a backup it is recommended that you use this page to create a backup. If the upgrade fails it can leave your website corrupted, and a backup would be the only way to restore your site.

Yes, create a backup before performing the upgrade.
Select this option if you wish to perform a backup before continuing with the upgrade.

If this option is selected the backup fields will appear below. See the Backup process for more information.

No, do not create a backup before performing the upgrade.
Select this option if wish to continue the upgrade process without performing a backup.


Installatron has all the information it needs to perform the upgrade. Press the "Upgrade" button to upgrade the installed application to the selected version.

You will be redirected to the "My Applications" tab while the upgrade executes in the background. Feel free to navigate away from Installatron (or even start another install or upgrade) while the upgrade completes.

Upon completion, you can begin using your newly updated application from the "My Applications" tab.

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