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Follow these steps to access Installatron

  1. First login to cPanel:

    You can also access cPanel from the AlpineWeb Customer Backroom

    After logging in, navigate to:

    Services > My Services > cPanel account > Manage

  2. Once logged in to cPanel navigate to:

    Software > Installatron Applications Installer

How to Install an Application

To initiate an install, open the Applications Browser tab, click on the application you wish to install, then click the Install this application button.

The install wizard will collect information, such as the domain and version, and then perform the install. Each section of the install wizard is detailed below:


The "Location" section prompts you to select a destination for the application, in the form of a "URL". A URL is a website link, comprised of a domain and a directory.

The server path equivalent of the selected URL is also displayed to let you know where the files will be installed on your web hosting account.

Select a domain. The drop-down list contains all domains and sub-domains known to be associated with your web hosting control panel login.

Tip: Contact your web hosting provider if the domain you want to install on isn't listed.

Directory (Optional)
Enter an optional directory. The directory will be added to the selected domain to determine the destination for the application.

Leave this field empty if you wish to install into the "root" (or home directory, or top-level directory) of the domain.


The "Version" section asks you to select a version of the application to install.

Select the version you wish to install.

The list includes all versions that are supported by the application package, and version may be grouped in "branches" (where the application underwent major changes).

Versions that are not compatible with the server that your domain is hosted on will be identified as not-installable, if selected, and a reason given.

Tip: You should always install the latest version that you are able to install, unless you particularly need an older release.

Version Notes
Displays information about the currently selected version.

Automatic Update
The "Automatic Update" feature will automatically backup and update installed applications immediately as new versions become available.

Updates execute between midnight and 6AM server time, the created backup is automatically restored if the update fails, and email notifications are sent with the result of each update.

The "EULA" section asks you to agree to the web application's End User License Agreement (EULA). An EULA describes how the application can be used and is considered a legal agreement.


Some web applications require a database for data storage.

A database systems allows large amounts of data to be stored and retrieved in a fast and efficient manner, and many applications installed by Installatron require a "database" to store their data. Installatron utilizes a database system called MySQL, which is a standard feature of all web hosting services.

Ideally, you will want to use one database for each application that you install. This minimizes the need for technical knowledge (because Installatron can handle the setup and configuration for you) and also minimizes the chance of corruption and accidental data loss.

However, your web hosting service may limit the number of databases you can use in which case you have the option of re-using an existing database. This requires some technical knowledge, and not all applications can share a database, but it theoretically allows you to install any number of applications using just a single database.

Database Management
Select Automatically manage the database settings for me. Recommended if you want Installatron to handle database creation and configuration. This requires that your web hosting account has at least one more database available.

Select Let me manage the database settings. if you wish to control the database usage yourself. You will use this option if you want to make use of database sharing (where one database is used for more than one installation), or if you want to use a specific name for the database. This option is for advanced users.

Database Type
The type of database required by this application, either "MySQL" or "MSSQL".

Database Name
Select the database that you want to use for this application.

The list contains all databases associated with your web hosting account.

Tip: To add a database to the list, use the "Database Management" or "MySQL Management" tool of the control panel. Note that the database will require full access permissions.

Database Username
Enter the username for the database you have selected.

Database Password
Enter the password for the database you have selected.

Table Prefix
Enter a table prefix that will be used by tables associated with this install. This should be 1-5 characters in length.

Tip: An underscore ("_") is not required as Installatron will add it automatically.

This field will appear only if the selected version of the application being installed supports a table prefix.


Most web applications have a block of settings that allow you to customize the application. For example, an application might ask you to enter an administrator password or an email address that will be added to the application.

The values set can be modified later within Installatron or within the installed application.


Press the Install button to begin installing the files, directories, and database tables. This involves sourcing and extracting archives, editing and applying specific CHMOD values to files and directories. Most install processes take less than a minute or two.

You will be redirected to the "My Applications" tab while the install executes in the background. Feel free to navigate away from Installatron (or even start another install) while the install completes.

Upon completion, you can begin using your newly installed application from the "My Applications" tab.

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