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The best way to stay up to date with your WordPress Application is to set it up to automatically update. If you are an Alpine Hosting customer this is very straight forward.

Enable Automatic Wordpress Updates

  1. First login to cPanel:

    You can also access cPanel from the AlpineWeb Customer Backroom

    After logging in, navigate to:

    Services > My Services > cPanel account > Manage

  2. Once logged in to cPanel navigate to:

    Software > Installatron Applications Installer

  3. If your website has already been imported into Installatron you will see several Icons on the right hand side:

    Select the checkbox next to the installed application:

    Click the View/Edit details button - (the wrench icon)

  4. Scroll down to Automatic Update

    We recommend the following options:

    • Update to any new version
    • Update WordPress plugins as new versions become available</strong
    • Create a backup and automatically restore the backup if the update fails
    • Send all email notifications for the installed application.

    Click Save All

  5. Done! From this point forward your upgrades will be automatic and you will receive an email notification alerting you when updates are completed.

If your website has not been imported into Installatron refer to the following Knowledgebase Article:

How to Import a WordPress site into Installatron

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