Increase the Speed of Your Website with PHP7

PHP 7 is available for all Alpine Hosting Customers. Improvements in PHP 7 over PHP 5.6 means signifigant security and performance increases for websites. In fact, it is estimated that PHP 7 offers a 100 percent improvement in speed over PHP 5.6. This major improvement allows website owners to offer thier visitors a website that provides the ... Read More »

28th Apr 2018
Alpine Hosting Plan Refresh

Alpine Hosting Plan Refresh In keeping with our commitment to the needs of our Web Hosting Customers AlpineWeb has moved to increase the available Disk QuSpace of our Alpine Hosting plans. A high percentage of our Customers are using WordPress to run thier websites. Most of these WordPress installations were installed and are managed with the ... Read More »

5th Mar 2018
Meltdown and Spectre

Earlier this week, multiple vulnerabilities were released that affect nearly every modern server and desktop computer. These are being known by the monikers as “Meltdown” and “Spectre”. These vulnerabilities affect AlpineWeb and many other service providers. Since becoming aware of these vulnerabilities, AlpineWeb's service provider Liquid ... Read More »

6th Jan 2018
File Restoration in cPanel

cPanel Version 68 was released this week and one of the best new features is the ability to restore individual files from an account backup! To Restore a file from a backup: 1) To access your backups, navigate in cPanel to Files > File Restoration. 2) Once you open the File Restoration interface you will be presented with the list of files ... Read More »

19th Oct 2017
New Domain Transfer Policy

ICANN's New Transfer Policy came into effect on December 1, 2016 setting out new rules regarding changing or updating a domain name's registrant contact information. What is the New Transfer Policy? The Transfer Policy, formerly known as "Inter-Registrar Transfer Policy" or IRTP, sets out how domain transfers should be handled. Up until now, ... Read More »

8th Dec 2016
HTTPOXY Vulnerability Patched

The HTTPOXY Vulnerability has been patched on all Alpine Hosting Plans. CloudFlare instituted a fix on July 18, 2016. See their blog post here. If you are not using CloudFlare learn more here: If you are managing your own VPS or Dedicated Server running cPanel/WHM you can run the latest version ... Read More »

21st Jul 2016
PHP Upgrade for Alpine Shared Hosting

PHP 5.5 will soon reach EOL (end of life). This means it will no longer be supported by PHP and perhaps more importantly, will not receive any further security updates. For that reason, we will therefore be upgrading PHP from the current version 5.5.37 to 5.6.23 branch on: 07-06-2016.Please contact our Support Department with any questions or ... Read More »

6th Jul 2016
ImageMagick Vulnerability

ImageMagick, a popular PHP module, recently announced a severe securityvulnerability in their product which may allow a malicious 3rd party toexecute commands on a remote server.We're posting this announcement today to assure you that AlpineWeb is both aware of and is actively tracking this vulnerability. ImageMagick has not yet released a patch, ... Read More »

4th May 2016
Mail Delivery Delayed for Alpine Hosting

After several system software updates, mail delivery on Alpine83, Alpine84 and Alpine85 stopped. Mail delivery on Alpine81 and Alpine82 continued uninterrupted.After investigation, our technicans discovered that mail was being accepted by the servers but was being queued for the Mailscanner spam and virus filtering service. After restarting the ... Read More »

26th Apr 2016
Update your iPhone to 9.3.1 here is why…

If you use an Apple iPhone, iPad or other iDevice, now would be an excellent time to ensure that the machine is running the latest version of Apple’s mobile operating system — version 9.3.1. Failing to do so could expose your devices to automated threats capable of rendering them unresponsive and perhaps forever useless. Zach Straley ... Read More »

24th Apr 2016