PHP 7.4 Removal

  • 13th September 2022
PHP 7.4 reaches End of Life on November 28, 2022. The Supported Versions of PHP can be reviewed here: PHP Supported Versions We will be removing PHP 7.4 on or shortly after November 28, 2022. With this in mind we urge all customers to Upgrade PHP if you have not already done so.  Please contact our support department for any questions or ...
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Logj4 Exploit

  • 13th December 2021
Apache Solr™ - a "Full Text Search Indexing for IMAP" is used on our cPanel/WHM servers. In brief, Apache Solr™ provides a high performance indexing and searching feature for email/webmail. Included in Apache Solr is Log4j RCE, an open source logging utility written in Java. The exploit in the Logj4 utility included in Apache Solr™ was ...
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Microsoft Outlook

  • 12th May 2021
Do you use Outlook to check mail and your email is not working properly today? Microsoft had an update on 5/11/2021 that has caused a range of issues with the email client Outlook. Microsoft has identified the root cause and will be pushing out a fix. After installing the fix you will need to close and reopen Outlook for the fix to take ...
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Premium Email: Changes to Spam and Trash Retention Rules

  • 14th April 2021
On June 8th Premium Email will begin making changes to the retention rules for the spam and trash folders. The maximum data retention limits of the spam and trash folders will change to 14 and 30 days respectively. This means that any mail data in these folders older than the retention limits will be removed and unrecoverable. Since an unlimited ...
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