How do I renew an expired Domain Name Registration?

If your Domain Name expired because an invoice was not paid before the expiration date, you will need to pay the invoice to renew the Domain Name Registration:

Login in to the AlpineWeb Customer Backroom:

Your login details are as follows:

Login: Email address used during the initial accout creation.
Password: Specified during the ordering process.

Once logged in navigate to:

Billing > My Invoices

Pay the invoice. Once the invoice has been paid in full the Domain Name will be renewed.

If you cancelled your Domain Name, an invoice will not have been generated and you will not be able to renew the Domain Name through the procedure described above. In the event of a cancelled Domain Name, submit a Support Ticket in the AlpineWeb Customer Backroom by clicking on:

Open Ticket

Open a new ticket under the Domain Name Services support department being sure to include the Domain Name(s) you wish to renew and that you wish to change the status of your Domain Name(s) from CANCELLED to EXPIRED. We can change the status of your Domain Name(s) to EXPIRED which will then allow you to renew the Domain Name. In the AlpineWeb Customer Backroom navigate to:

Domains > Renew Domains

Check the Domain(s) you wish to renew and click on the Renew link in the Actions area on the left hand side of the page. This will generate an invoice. Once the invoice has been paid in full the Domain Name will be renewed.

Once an expired Domain Name has been renewed it may take 12-24 hours to become live.

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