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Adding Funds

The Add Funds option allows customers to have a prepaid balance on their account. This is useful feature that allows a customer to deposit funds in advance, as well for dealing with overpayments made to invoices and issuing credits in customer service situations.

When a customer has a credit balance, they have the option to apply credit from the credit balance to any invoices that are generated.

Credits are automatically issued to a customer's account balance when:

  • When a payment is made toward a previously paid invoice
  • When the payment amount is more than the amount due
  • By an automated payment gateway callback
  • When a customer sets up multiple PayPal Subscriptions

Adding Funds Manually

To add funds to your account, log in to the AlpineWeb Customer Backroom here:

After logging in, Navigate to:

Billing > Add Funds

  • Fill in Amount to Add:
  • Choose a Payment Method: Credit Card, PayPal, PayPal Express Checkout, Check
  • Click Add Funds

Applying Credit

To apply your Credit Balance to an Invoice, Navigate to:

Billing > My Invoices

  • Open the Invoice you wish to apply a credit balance to
  • In the Apply Credit box, enter the amount of available credit to apply to the invoice
  • Click Apply Credit

Additional Information

For additional questions please contact our friendly and knowledable support staff, consult the Support Knowledgebase or submit a Support Ticket:

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