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If you already have an account setup and want to add an additional account, click here for instructions. This article supposes you don't have any accounts setup. 

  1. From the Home menu, open the Email app

  2. Enter your email address:
  3. Tap Manual Setup

  4. Select IMAP

  5. Enter the following information 

    IMAP server: 
    Use secure connection SSL: checked 
    Password: Your password 

    SMTP Server: 
    Use secure connection SSL: checked 
    Use same credentials for Incoming and Outgoing servers: checked

  6. Tap Server Settings and Ports
  7. Enter the following information 

    Incoming Security Settings 
    Use secure connection SSL: checked 
    Port: 993 

    Outgoing Security Settings 
    Use secure connection SSL: checked 
    Port: 465

  8. Tap Save
  9. Tap Next
  10. You're all set! Tap Go to Inbox to be taken to the inbox. It may take a few minutes for the email to populate, depending on the amount of data.

Don't forget about your other devices! Click here to set up a computer, tablet, or phone.

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