How to Recover Domains in Redemption Status

The Grace Period is the status that most TLDs enter following expiry. The Grace Period typically lasts between 0 and 45 days, and often does not have any additional costs associated with it allowing a domain name to still be renewed at the regular rate.

When the grace period elapses, a domain registration enters a final status of Redemption. Redemption is the last chance to renew a domain before it becomes available for registration again and often coincides with registry putting the domain up for auction. Domains can still be renewed while in the redemption status (providing it hasn't been auctioned off) by paying the redemption fee plus the regular renewal cost for the domain.

To recover a domain name registration from redemption, the domain registration fee plus the redemption fee must be paid in full. Only after the fees are paid in full can the domain registration be recovered from redemption.

Login to the AlpineWeb Customer Backroom here:

Your login details are as follows:

Login: Email address used during the initial accout creation.
Password: Specified during the ordering process.

Once logged in navigate to:

Billing > My Invoices

Pay the invoice. Once the invoice has been paid in full the Domain Name can be recovered from redemption and renewed.

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