Mailscanner Overview

Mailscanner is an application that scans email and assigns a score based on the likelihood that an email is spam. Mailscanner allows users to configure their spam and virus filtering.

Apine Hosting Customers can access Mailscanner by looging into their cPanel accounts:


Once logged in, navigate to:

Email > Mailscanner

Mailscanner Configuration

This allows users to configure:

  • Per domain actions for two score levels for spam scanning
  • Per domain actions for virus scanning
  • Whitelists and blacklists
  • Adjust low and high score settings
  • Configurable forwarding email address for spam


MailControl provides real time logging of Mailscanner scanning and filtering:

  • Users can view their emails in the global message store
  • Users can search their emails in the global message store
  • Users can release Spam, and optionally other emails, from the global message store
  • Users can optionally tag emails as Spam or Ham
  • Users can view Statistics related to their email
  • Users can optionally perform Bulk actions on their emails

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