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Why am I receiving this email?

Whenever there is a change to the contact information of a Domain Name Registration a verification is required.

  • Registrars are required by ICANN to verify the combination of a domain registrant’s first name, last name and email address. As part of this process, for new registrations, the domain owner or registrant will have to verify their email address.

  • For existing domains, verification is required with any changes to the contact name or email address.

For reassurance we have included below an example of the format of the verification emails you may receive:


Dear Your Name,

As a new Registrant of a domain name or by changing your name or email address for existing 
domains, you need to verify this contact information. For new registrations you must verify 
your email address[1]. For changes to existing domain names, you must verify the name or 
email modification[1]

To verify the contact information, please click on the link below. Please note that without 
timely verification of your email address or modified contact information, you can't fully 
manage your domain name and your domain name will stop resolving after its respective 
Verification Deadline Date below.

Domain Name(s) Registered Using New Email Address: Only one verification required to verify 
domain(s) listed below.

Verification Deadline Date   Domain Name

2018-08-15 21:45:59

For more information on email verification please contact your domain service provider.

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Terms and Conditions of your Domain Name Registration are available at:


To verify the legitimacy of this email visit this knowledgebase article:

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