Domain Name Transfers

In order to transfer your Domain Name to AlpineWeb you will need take the following actions:

  • Obtain the Transfer authorization code or EPP or Auth code from the current registrar.

  • Unlock your Domain Name at the current registrar.

  • Disable Domain Privacy Protection if enabled.

  • Verify the Registrant and Administrative Contact Information.

Once the above actions have been completed take the following steps:

  • Go to:

  • Enter the domain name and epp/auth code to start the transfer process.

  • Complete the order form with any additional services and options.

  • Proceed to Checkout, choose a payment method and submit the payment.

  • Please Note: Domain Transfers will be initiated only after payment has been completed.

  • When the transfer request has been initiated, an email message will be sent to the Domains Registrant Email address for approval. It is necessary to follow the instructions in the approval email.

  • Different Registrars have differing methods of approval in addition to the time frame within which the transfer will take.
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