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LastPass ... After helping a customer reset a password for their e-commerce application recently I told them about LastPass. Now I'd like to share this password management solution we have found to be indispensable.

LastPass helps you create and manage secure passwords for email, websites and more. For the AlpineWeb staff, LastPass is a solution we use and rely on everyday. LastPass saves time by requiring you to remember only one master password keeping all the rest of your passwords secure and easy to find in your LastPass account. With LastPass you can access all of your passwords from any device whether it's a laptop, tablet or mobile device.

  • Autofills usernames and passwords for your favorite websites
  • Share a Password with another LastPass User without revealing the password
  • Password generator helps eliminate the use of bad passwords
  • Security Challenge helps to identify weak and duplicate passwords
  • Two factor authentication available for increased security

Learn more about LastPass here:

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