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Date: 03-05-2019

An email "sextortion" scam has been finding its way into some users mailboxes. The email message attempts to extort money by claiming to have hacked the recipients computer and filmed them when they performed a certain act while visiting a certain type of website. The extortionist then asks for a payment - in bitcoins - in return for not posting the video and sending a link of it to all of the recipients contacts.

Here are some links to other variations on this scam:

This email message is a SCAM!

  • Do not click on any of the links.
  • You can safely ignore this email.
  • Do not forward the email to us.

If you are an AlpineWeb Customer and receive an email like this feel free to contact us with any questions you may have regarding this message. Submit a Support Request here:

Or visit the Contact Us page for additional contact options:

Here is an example message:

Hi, your account is now hacked! Change the pswd this time!
You might not know me me and you really are definitely wondering why you are getting this 
e-mail, is it right?
I'm ahacker who burstyour emailand OSa few months ago.
Don't try to talk to me or look for me, it is definitely impossible, because I forwarded 
you this message using YOUR hacked account.
I've installed malware soft to the adult videos (porno) website and guess you have watched 
this site to enjoy it (you realize what I really mean).
During you have been paying attention to movies, your browser began to act as a RDP (Remote 
Control) with a keylogger which granted me ability to access your desktop and web camera.
Next step, my programgotall info.
You have put passcodes on the web-sites you visited, and I caught all of them.
Needless to say, it's possible to modify each of them, or have already changed them.
However it does not matter, my program updates needed data every time.
What I have done?
I made a backup of your device. Of all the files and each contact.
I created a dual-screen video recording. The first screen shows the clip you had been 
(you have got the perfect taste, huh...), the second screen reveals the movie from your 
own web camera.
What must you do?
Clearly, I think, 1000 USD will be a fair amount of money for this small secret. You'll 
make the payment by bitcoins (in case you don't understand this, try to find “how to buy 
bitcoin” in any search engine).
My bitcoin wallet address:
(It is cAsE sensitive, so copy and paste it).
You have 2 days to perform the payment. (I put an exclusive pixel to this message, and at 
this point I know that you've read through this email).
To tracethe reading of a letterand the actionsin it, I usea Facebook pixel. Thanks to them. 
(Anything thatcan be usedfor the authorities should helpus.)

In case I fail to get bitcoins, I'll undoubtedly give your video files to all your contacts, 
along with relatives, colleagues, etcetera?

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