HTTPOXY Vulnerability Patched

The HTTPOXY Vulnerability has been patched on all Alpine Hosting Plans. CloudFlare instituted a fix on July 18, 2016. See their blog post here. If you are not using CloudFlare learn more here: If you are managing your own VPS or Dedicated Server running cPanel/WHM you can run the latest version ... Read More »

21st Jul 2016
PHP Upgrade for Alpine Shared Hosting

PHP 5.5 will soon reach EOL (end of life). This means it will no longer be supported by PHP and perhaps more importantly, will not receive any further security updates. For that reason, we will therefore be upgrading PHP from the current version 5.5.37 to 5.6.23 branch on: 07-06-2016.Please contact our Support Department with any questions or ... Read More »

6th Jul 2016