Logj4 Exploit

  • Monday, 13th December, 2021
  • 21:30pm

Apache Solr™ - a "Full Text Search Indexing for IMAP" is used on our cPanel/WHM servers. In brief, Apache Solr™ provides a high performance indexing and searching feature for email/webmail. Included in Apache Solr is Log4j RCE, an open source logging utility written in Java.

The exploit in the Logj4 utility included in Apache Solr™ was patched on 12-10-2021 We have no evidence of this exploit affecting any of our AlpineWeb hosting infrastructure or of our customers..

Other Log4j Related Software

The cPanel Solr - Log4j RCE plugin is the only software provided and supported by cPanel that contains Log4j.

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