Dedicated/Additional IP Address Price Increase

  • Tuesday, 25th August, 2020
  • 23:34pm

We hope you, your family and your business are doing well during these unprecedented times. Here at AlpineWeb, we're working harder than ever to keep our customers online - when everything is on the line.

This announcement is to inform you of a change to Dedicated IP Addresses pricing. As you may know, the global shortage of IPv4 addresses ( continues to impact web hosting companies around the world. We are working hard to ensure we are able to stay in front of the situation and to be able to provide all our customers with the IP addresses they need for their business. While we strive to manage costs whenever possible and minimize any price increase to our customers, from time to time, incremental price increases can happen.

Effective September 1, 2020, we will be updating our per IPv4 address price to $3.00 per IP. We know pricing changes are never fun, and it is unfortunately unavoidable. All IPv4 addresses not currently charged at that rate beyond the first IP of your server would be changed to this price.

If you would like to learn about IP consolidation options, or would like to review the number of IP addresses on your server, please open a Help ticket with our support team, and we would be glad to assist. You can also check out the following Knowledgebase Article Server Name Indication, and changing IP addresses on cPanel servers:

We value your long-time loyalty, and we hope you will see that we have tried to keep the price change as minimal as possible.

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