The Valley Originals

The Valley Originals is a group of independent, locally owned and operated restaurants that have joined together to share their thoughts and ideas on what the true experience of local eatery should be like and the develop a plan to give back to their community in a charitable way. They sell online gift certificates and when we first met them they were paying a third party a significant percentage for each sale.  They approached us to a better website solution.

The goal – to provide a new website that will be easy to update, user friendly, truly highlight the individual properties and incorporate an eCommerce solution that is not third party dependent so that more money would be available for charitable purposes.

The Result – the new website has been extremely effective.  It is easy to update and keep current. By incorporating an effective eCommerce application they have increased the amount of gift certificate sales which has increased the amount of money that they are able to donate back to the community. They have developed a devoted following for the discounted gift certificate sales which has resulted in a win-win situation for everyone.  The property owners have seen an increase in exposure for their individual properties resulting in more traffic to their individual web sites.

“We came to AlpineWeb Design looking for a way to improve our website. At the time we used a third party to sell our Gift Certificates and we were not able to control the products, sales or content of the site. They came up with a solution that has increased our revenue – improved our end user experience – and we have full control over our entire website. Because of this we have been able to give back over $220,000 to our community.”