Starting Point

Starting Point is a non-profit organization that tackles the very delicate and difficult issue of domestic violence. They had been through many years of challenging efforts to create a website and by the time they came to us – they were frustrated. We sat down with the organization leadership and the marketing committee to listen to their ideas and concerns.

The goal – to provide a highly informational, easy to use, mobile responsive website that will serve those in need of their services as well as provide much needed information for general public and surrounding communities. It also needed to provide a fundraising portal and promote their signature events.

The Result – this was a challenge – it is a difficult subject in general, it is not one that is easy to display graphically and it truly needed to help people who are in need of their services in as safe a manner as possible. We delivered a user friendly, informational and compelling website that has successfully served the needs of their community. We realized that if they met the goal of their website to be an advocate for victims – the marketing component would be even more powerful and compel the community to support their services in a greater way – and it has.

“We were so happy to finally have a website that truly delivered our message – after so many tries it was wonderful when the team at AlpineWeb Design produced this user friendly – helpful – insightful – meaningful website to serve our community and more. The webste use went up immediately and we were able to help people advocate for themselves, help people advocate for others and us this as an effective fund raising tool – thank you very much AlpineWeb!”