Setting up email in Outlook

  1. Go to File > Account Settings

  2. Click New, then Add New Account

  3. Select E-Mail Account and Next

  4. Select Manual Set Up

  5. Select POP and then Next

  6. Fill in the fields with your information

    Incoming/Outgoing Mail Server:
    Login: your full email address
    Password: specified during account creation

  7. Next click More Settings

  8. Under the General Tab fill in your Reply Email Address

  9. Next click on Outgoing Server

  10. Select My Outgoing Server Requires Authentiaction - Use same settings as my incoming mail server

  11. Under the Advanced Tab change Outgoing Port to 587. If you are using a mobile device to check mail you will want to save a copy of messages on the server for # (you select) days -  we recomment 14 - 30 days.

    ** Mobile users tip: if you leave a lot of mail on the server - it can impact the amount of mobile data you use when checking mail on a phone or tablet. This may be an issue for people who have limited data plans.

  12. Selecting Next will check your settings

  13. Finally select Finish to complete your account configuration.
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