Affiliate Program

Refer customers to AlpineWeb and earn additional income.

Add to your website’s ROI by signing up for the AlpineWeb Affiliate Program.

Refer a customer and earn a credit toward your own hosting plan or a cash payout.

Here’s how it works. Login to your AlpineWeb Customer Backroom and sign up for the Affiliate Program by clicking on the Affiliate link.

To earn an Affiliate Commision add the affiliate link to your website or send a referral your AlpineWeb Affiliate ID link.

Here’s an example Affiliate link:


Following is a schedule of our Affiliate Referral Commissions:

Hosting Plan Order Commission
Alpine Hosting Standard Order $20.00
Alpine Hosting Business Order $30.00
Alpine Hosting Pro Order $40.00
Alpine Hosting Pro Plus Order $50.00

Affiliate Program Terms and Conditions

  • Commissions will be credited to your account when the referred account has been “Active” for more than 60 days.
  • Your Affiliate account must have a $50.00 balance or more to make a withdrawal from your Affiliate commissions balance to your PayPal account.
  • You must have a $25.00 balance or more to add to your credit balance on your account.
  • All Affiliate Commission requests will be credited to your AlpineWeb Customer Account 60 days after the referral to allow for refunds & disputes.